KCC group is a Korean enterprise with advanced innovative thinking mode. More than 60 years of wind and rain and the hard work of more than 5000 employees have accumulated excellent corporate culture for KCC group and cast its unique soul of the enterprise. This is the precious spiritual wealth of KCC in South Korea, and it is the internal power to promote the continuous development and expansion of the cause.

KCC group culture concept system includes five elements: mission, vision, values, development concept and enterprise spirit. Among them, the mission is to answer the question of "why we exist" to the world, which reflects KCC's lofty responsibility as a listed group; vision answers the question of "our goal" and describes KCC's ideal blueprint; values answer the question of "how we should do", which is the core of KCC; the development concept answers "our way forward", which guides KCC's economy The general principle of operation and management activities is the business philosophy that must be followed in order to realize the vision; the enterprise spirit answers the question of "what kind of inner attitude and behavior style we should have", and is the team temperament and spiritual outlook KCC should have.

Serving customers and achieving employees

The mission of an enterprise is a historical responsibility that we consciously undertake and the spiritual source of all our work.

Customers are the main body of our service, we must meet the needs of customers with high-quality projects and high-quality services.

Employees are the main force in the development of the company. The company builds a broad stage to achieve the life value and career pursuit of employees, and jointly realize the life ideal of employees and the development goals of the company.